Raise Awareness

If you had a dollar for every time you had to explain Angelman syndrome, no doubt you could fund prestige research labs across the globe. A diagnosis of Angelman syndrome can often be delayed – stories of diagnosis as adults are still common. We suspect a huge number of cases of AS still remain undiagnosed; currently classified as Cerebral Palsy, Autism or unknown intellectual impairment or seizure disorders.

Raising awareness means:

  • Medical professionals think of Angelman syndrome when trying to reach a diagnosis
  • Families have access to concise information to plan for their future
  • Networks with like-minded families can be formed
  • Therapists can tailor plans for learning
  • Statistics on diagnosis rates are up to date
  • The voice of patients and their families with common needs are heard
Raise Awareness

How you can help raise awareness

  • Buy a FAST Ambassador t-shirt! (two styles pictured right) enquire at info@cureangelman.org.au
  • Tell someone your story, if you want assistance in contacting the media we have templates and a media liaison officer you can speak with
  • Attend local or regional disability events, hold a stall or talk to a crowd about AS, we can provide the support you need and have a pullup banner and brochures for use
  • Share the FAST social media pages (links top right) with friends and family
  • Hold an International Angelman Day event
How you can help raise awareness

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