Raise awareness

Enabling us to advocate for increased research, clinical trials and policy affecting our children. Raising awareness also means:

  • Medical professionals consider Angelman syndrome when trying to reach a diagnosis.
  • Families have access to concise information to plan for their future.
  • Networks with like-minded families can be formed.
  • Therapists can tailor plans for learning.
  • Statistics on diagnosis rates are up to date.
  • The voice of patients and their families with common needs are heard.

Join our community

We are extremely fortunate to have two dedicated groups supporting the Australian Angelman community. FAST Australia’s focus is on funding research and initiatives that lead towards treatments. The Angelman Syndrome Association Australia (ASAA) works to support, inform, educate, network and advocate for families, including assisting to navigate the National Disability Insurance Scheme and promoting research. Both organisations work collaboratively to advocate for our loved ones.

Follow FAST using the social media links above, and remember to subscribe to our newsletter.

Follow the ASAA here and connect with other Australian parents in a closed Facebook group here – Request to join a closed Facebook group for Australian parents only.