Research opportunity

This study is investigating the gut microbiome in children and young people. with Angelman Syndrome.
Information from the registry has indicated a relationship between gut health and other symptoms like behaviour, sleep and epilepsy. This study will investigate this relationship in two ways: utilising questionnaires and by looking at a stool sample from your child.
The study is asking you to provide information about your child’s diet and gut symptoms via questionnaires within the Global Angelman’s Syndrome Registry. In a partnership with Microba,  stool samples will be collected from each participant via a simple mail out and return stool sample kit. This part of the study will be managed separately by Microba, an independent company who will have an additional consent process as well. A parent or guardian will be asked to consent on behalf of their child and will complete questionnaires and a stool sample kit.
If you have a child with Angelman’s Syndrome aged between 4-18 years of age, live in Australia and you are interested in participating please contact Study Coordinator, Ellen Taylor at