There are many diseases and disorders that will not be cured or treated in our lifetime.
With your help, Angelman Syndrome will not be one of them.

Committed to assisting individuals living with Angelman Syndrome to realise their full potential and quality of life.
Angelman Syndrome is a rare neurogenetic disorder.  Although the cause is known, there are currently no treatments available for this disorder. 


Raising Awareness~

What does Angelman Syndrome "look" like?
How does it affect those who live with it?
What does a community like FAST mean to families?

Text book clinical characteristics are often hard to translate to "real life". Raising awareness into the condition is instrumental in an achieving accurate and timely diagnosis, connecting families to a community rich with information and hope as well as providing understanding for pathways to therapeutics.

This video is a teaser, or a back story, for a soon to be released series of short clips that will present an accurate illustration of Angelman Syndrome; the characteristics, therapies, the lives of those affected and the hope for a cure.


Raising Awareness ~

Former NRL Star and new Rugby Union Western Force recruit Curtis Rona is doing his bit to raise awareness into Angelman Syndrome and FAST during the 2017 Rugby Union season. Look out for our newest ambassador in his debut game for the Western Force on February 25 in Sydney! #CureAngelman #Cure.AS


$5.8 Million Grant! 

Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics (FAST) United States has Received a $5.8 Million Grant from Marnier-Lapostolle Foundation to Fund and Accelerate Promising Science Through to Clinical Trials.

Read more here...


Exciting developments  ~

Last year a number of exciting announcements were made about potential clinical trials of treatments for those affected by Angelman Syndrome.

These developments and more were discussed at the 2015 FAST Gala and Summit in Chicago. Read summaries of the lectures here...


OV101 Clinical Trial Update

Chief Medical and Portfolio Management Officer at Ovid Therapeutics, Amit Rakhit discusses the upcoming trial with FAST United States Chairperson Paula Evans and Angelman Sydnrome Foundation Executive Director Eileen Braun.

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