Sleepless in September

Rally your friends and family to join the “Sleepless in September” Challenge.

One of the most testing symptoms of Angelman Syndrome is the sleep disorder. We have good nights, we have bad nights, however it is very common for our children to average around 4 hours per night. So, we are challenging you to sleep like an “Angel”… well not sleep much, but you know what we mean.

We are challenging you to have a total of 8 hours of sleep between 6:00am Friday 25th September and 6:00am on Sunday the 27th. You can catch your 8 hours of sleep whenever and however you like over the 48 hours time period.

As Angelman parents, we are often lucky enough to have a bit of help from friends and family, for the purpose of this challenge we are affording you the same luxury…

For every 10 people, you get to sponsor you, an extra hour of sleep (10 sponsors and you can have 9 hours, 20 and you can enjoy 10 luxurious hours)

Once the challenge has begun, if you find yourself in desperate need of an extra hour, you may be able to win or buy it.

Keep up to date on our FB events page SLEEPLESS IN SEPTEMBER.We will have games happening on the event page during the weekend. We also encourage you to get your household involved, or have a covid safe party*, get out the sugary snacks and keep us posted with your progress on the event page.

So come and get a little sleepless with us this September. Thank you for helping us get one night closer to a full nights sleep.