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In this modern, online world it’s easy to stay up to date with Facebook, Twitter and simply browsing the web. Why subscribe to another list? There are a few reasons why you should join us that will enhance the reason that you visited our page in the first place...

First and foremost- we cannot advocate on behalf of you if we don't know you exist. Without joining you are an observer, you can learn what is happening although you cannot participate and more importantly your presence cannot be felt.  

Joining enables you to specify your connection to Angelman Syndrome, allowing us to customise content we send and content visible to you on our site. As our site develops, parents will have access to different areas than therapists as an example. Joining assists us in providing information based on our audience.

You should also join because you won't know what you are missing! You'll automatically receive news and updates, so you'll be informed on any new research developments, upcoming workshops and events.

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