Thank you for considering FAST Australia as the recipient of your fundraising activities;
by raising funds for our organisation you are assisting us in our mission to raise awareness and funding research in Australia.

Fundraising can be an exciting way of engaging your local community.
In addition to raising money, it helps to raise awareness and educate your local community about Angelman Syndrome.

When you fundraise with us we will offer you all the support we can including use of our logos and branded materials. If you have an idea, or a few questions you can contact us at the link below.

If you are keen to take part in an organised event. We use Go Fundraise to fundraise for our events and our donations, and we are registered with both Everyday Hero so we have most of the big events happening around the country covered!

Click on the icons below or the Everyday Hero link above to find an event near you.





Find out how the Fundraising team at FAST can help support you with your event or fundraising.>

Fundraising FAQ

Common questions when fundraising and holding events; what is the difference between fundraising and purchasing a ticket? What other things should I consider? Find out everything you need to know...>

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