Funds you raise go directly to Angelman syndrome research and advancements. Create a fundraising page in honor of your loved one with Angelman syndrome. Thank you for joining our quest to cure Angelman syndrome.

To continue to drive excitement of CAN, thanks to the Jacob family, we are offering dollar for dollar matching for a limited time. Starting May 25th, donations on the CAN page will be matched at 100% until all of the $250,000 has been exhausted across all CAN pages.

CAN page owners that have received donation matching will receive a direct communication on the amount received, so the amount can be added to their page. We will update on the status of matching throughout, until the end of CAN 2021 on October 15 or untilif we have exhausted the match amount, whichever comes first.

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FAST would not be where we are today without the dedicated and tireless efforts of our fundraisers. Our community is truly amazing! Your support makes a significant impact on bringing today’s science to tomorrow’s treatments. #CureAngelmanNOW
Your donations mean the world to us!
Funds you raise will support research and advancements that bring life-changing treatments to our loved ones with Angelman syndrome. FAST will not stop until every age and phenotype of Angelman syndrome has a meaningful and successful treatment. FAST continues to invest in new key research opportunities. In order to invest, we need you to keep fundraising!
Some FAST supporters choose to add an activity or event to their fundraising efforts. FAST offers support and promotion on our online events calendar.

In 2020, our Cure Angelman Now (CAN) Campaign raised:

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FAST’s Cure Angelman Now (CAN) fundraising campaign is a global effort. FAST encourages you to support the fundraising efforts in your respective country. However, if your country is not represented in the list below, we would be honored if you choose to fundraise with us.

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