Book your IAD 2018 BBQ now!

Bunnings BBQs are one of the easiest fundraisers around, that is why they are in huge demand.

Bookings for the sought after sites open in October and usually they are taken by local charities at the wish of Bunnings. We have spoken to the hardware giant and they are open to considering our cause at a local store level!  Don't wait - get in now!

We can provide you with a letter of support detailing why we dont have local branches of FAST (in some cases we only have one or two individuals in a town!). We can give you proof of our public liability insurance and help you design materials that can help those attending your local Bunnings understand more about both Angelman syndrome and your child for International Angelman Day 2018!

With your help we can have Australia's biggest Angelman barbie!


Contact our fundraising coordinator, Alana Mohr to discuss your approach.

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