Awarded To:  Curtin University Perth
Dates:  2016-2019
Amount:  $15,000 (FAST portion)


FAST have joined forces with the Fragile X Association,  Prader Wili Association of Australia and the 15q Duplication Syndrome group to work with Professor Richard Norman from Curtin University who is arguably Australia's leading researcher and lecturer in health economics on a three year project to conduct a Health Economics Study. 

The rise in efficacy of testing for Angelman Syndrome means that newborn screening, with results being available in a short timeframe is possible for all four syndromes. A requirement for addition to the newborn screening program (NBS) is a Health Economics Study that will be submitted to State and Federal bodies.

With the increase in pace in Angelman Syndrome research and the real likelihood that for therapeutics will be available in the near future it is imperative that diagnosis be made as early as possible. We look forward to seeing the outcomes of this research and hope that it will result in earlier diagnosis and access to treatments.




Recruitment Flyer

If you are the parent of a child with Prader-Willi, Angelman or Chromosome 15 duplication (Dup15q) syndromes, view the recruitment flyer about particpating in the FREE FX study here.>

Expression of Interest Form

 If you are interested in finding out more about taking part in Chromosome 15 (C15) Imprinting Disorders research please complete the ‘opt-in’ section of this form...>


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