Support sustainability and growth

The Global Angelman Syndrome Registry provides an invaluable resource for information into and about Angelman Syndrome. 
We plan to;
~ translate the registry into numerous languages in order to improve accessibility around the globe.
include mobile applications to allow for data updates wherever you are. 
build on the base datasets with new modules and integrate with existing studies to recognise data already collected.  
add post-marketing capacity to assist in monitoring future clinical trials.

*Funds contributed using this link will be set aside soley for use in this project.

Join as an alliance

We are seeking to form alliances with Angelman Syndrome bodies across the world. Alliances will play an important role of promoting the registry in their respective countries’ to their subscribers and beyond, and linking to the registry domain using the Global Angelman Registry branding their via websites and social media.  In return your logo will onto the landing page to promote you as as a project alliance.  Contact us about becoming a project alliance. 

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