If you had a dollar for every time you had to explain Angelman Syndrome, no doubt you could fund prestige research labs across the globe. A diagnosis of Angelman Syndrome can often be delayed – stories of diagnosis as adults are still common. We suspect a huge number of cases of AS still remain undiagnosed; currently classified as Cerebral Palsy, Autism or unknown intellectual impairment or seizure disorders.

Raising awareness means:

  • Medical professionals think of Angelman Syndrome when trying to reach a diagnosis
  • Families have access to concise information to plan for their future
  • Networks with like minded families can be formed
  • Therapists can tailor plans for learning
  • Statistics on diagnosis rates are up to date
  • The voice of patients and their families with common needs are heard

How you can help raise awareness

  • Buy a FAST Ambassador t-shirt! (two styles pictured right)  enquire at info@cureangelman.org.au
  • Tell someone your story, if you want assistance in contacting the media we have templates and a media liaison officer you can speak with
  • Attend local or regional disability events, hold a stall or talk to a crowd about AS, we can provide the support you need and have a pullup banner and brochures for use
  • Share the FAST social media pages (links top right) with friends and family
  • Hold an International Angelman Day event




FAST Chairperson Meagan Cross with Bill Shorten Leader of the Australian Labor Party and Leader of the Opposition, Angelman Syndrome Researcher David Segal and Angelman parents Khal and Sally Asfour. 

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